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The track of the Dunmu Fleet Confirmed Cases and online survey

Dear all the faculty and students:
In response to the confirmed cases of COVID-19 of Navy\'s Dunmu Fleet, if any of the faculty and students live together with the family member who is the fleet member, or have a relevant travel contact history (see figure), please fill out the online survey, and do self-health management for 14 days. Take your body temperature once every morning and night, take care of your own health, maintain social distance, put on a mask and wash your hands regularly while going out. If you are not feeling well, please seek medical treatment immediately, and avoid going to work and class. The precautionary measures are as shown in table below.
Survey link:

The track of the Dunmu Fleet Confirmed Cases

Taipei City
4/15 Metro Beitou Station, Taipei Main Station
4/17 Carrefour Guilin Store

Taoyuan City
4/16 Tonlin Plaza, Taoyuan HSR Station, Dorm of National Taiwan Sport University
4/17 Carrefour Bade Store, Chang Gung

Tainan City
4/16 Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store
4/17 Mo-Mo Paradise, KTV

Kaohsiung City
4/14 Restaurant
4/15 Badminton Court, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store, Restaurant, Hotel
4/16 Hanshin Arena, Ruifeng Night Market, E-DA OUTLET MALL, Cappu Italian Restaurant,
Rose Boutique Motel
4/17 Carrefour Din Shan Store, Costco, Restaurants, Xiaogang Post Office

Keelung City
4/17 Kuo-Kuang Motor Transportation

Taichung City
4/15,4/17 Clinic
4/15 Taichung HSR Station
4/16 Carrefour Shalu Store

Chiayi County
4/15 CHiayi HSR Station

Chiayi City
4/16 Chien-Yien Hotpot

Pingtung County
4/16 Work Factory
4/17 Shopping Mall, Civil Sports Center

Hsinchu County
4/17 Ta-pu Reservoir

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